Naturopathy is traditional form of primary healthcare based on the bodies innate ability to heal itself, given the right conditions. Naturopathy looks beyond symptoms to treat the underlying causes of illness. It is a holistic approach that considers you as a whole – mind, body & spirit. 

We are complex beings and each person is wonderfully unique. Naturopathic treatment aims to understand you as a whole, and to tailor a personalised treatment plan. This means taking a thorough history of your health, diet, habits and family history. If needed, specific testing is used to help get a full understanding of your health and the potential causes of ill health.

The role of a naturopath is to promote the health and well-being of an individual without causing any additional strain or harm through the medicines and treatments prescribed. A naturopath will always choose the most gentle approach and work with your body to help you overcome unpleasant symptoms and disease. Naturopathy can be used safely alongside conventional medicine and other forms of allied health, and can even enhance your results.

The naturopathic toolkit includes herbal medicines, nutritional and lifestyle modifications. Treatments combine traditional knowledge with up-to-date scientific research, and are completely individualised depending on your needs as a patient.


The goal of naturopathic care is always to identify the underlying drivers of ill health to help re-establish ultimate well-being. That said, acute treatment can be used in the short-term to relieve symptoms such as pain, inflammation and other immediate discomforts that are impacting on everyday quality of life.