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Michael Foy


Mike runs Mike Foy Physio which operated from ONE HEALTH - Health Centre

Michael Foy was trained in Canada gaining distinction with a bachelors degree in Physical Therapy in 1998​

He owned and operated a multi-disciplinary rehab clinic in Canada for 18 years.  He furthered his education with advanced manual therapy skills and a masters in biomedical engineering.

Michael is a fully registered Physiotherapist in Australia and within his scope of practice, has a keen interest in Neuromuscular therapy techniques which focuses on the body neuromuscular system and explores ways of helping the body to adapt from chronic tensions to freedom of movement
Michael has helped both strongly chronic and acute-on-chronic conditions and he also enjoys the response that highly motivated athletes can have on their performance levels with Neuromuscular and biomechanical adaptations.

ABN: 82208014306

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